In July 2019 we announced parking management would begin shortly within our Car Park. It has taken some time, however we wanted to ensure we picked a system that best suited our customers’ needs and allows us to free up spaces currently taken by cars left on site all day, depriving our valued customers of a space when they arrive to shop. JH Haskins have now partnered up with Park with Ease.

Established in 2012, Park with Ease is the UKs ethical parking management system. Its aim is simple; to make parking as user-friendly and fair as possible and eradicate the issues associated with traditional parking systems such as fines and penalties.

On entering the Retail Park the intelligent camera system will record your vehicles number plate and take a time stamp of entry, therefore no ticket is required saving time and helping the environment. To make payment, simply enter your car registration at one of our payment kiosks located at the main Haskins entrance. You will then be prompted with details of required payment. This can be completed by either cash or card.

Once payment has been completed, you can leave the Retail Park. If you have forgotten to pay, you can make payment up to 48 hours after via mobile or online. Haskins are pleased to announce that Customers who spend £30 or more in any store or eatery on a single trip to Haskins Retail Park can get free parking during their visit by presenting their till receipts at the Information Desk before leaving the site. You still get the 90 minutes free so if you have been on site less than 90 minutes you do not need to pay or visit the Information Desk

To make payment online, please use the following link

  • First 90 minutes free
  • then £1 per hour in half hourly increments
  • Overnight parking Monday – Sunday 10.00pm - 8.00am £2.00
  • Improvements in traffic management will allow for easier parking, less congestion and more choice for visitors to Haskins Retail Park.
  • 10% of parking revenue will be used to offset Haskins Carbon Footprint


Up to 90 minutes



Up to 2 hours


Additional time per hour


Overnight 10pm - 8am


Example: 2 hours


Example: 3 hours



  • When will car parking charges begin? Monday 20th January 2020
  • Do we have to pay when we enter the car park? NO, you pay before leaving. As you enter the car park, a camera records your registration number and logs the time. Before you leave simply enter your cars registration number at one of our payment kiosks. You will then be prompted with details of required payment. This can be completed by either cash or card
  • Where are the payment kiosks located? There are 2 machines located outside the main Haskins entrance on the right as you exit the store
  • What about the car park in front of Subway and Greggs? This is part of Haskins Retail Car Park so the same rules apply, the camera picks up your registration number as you enter the Retail Car Park no matter which space you use
  • What about disabled parking? Charges will be applicable
  • Why have Haskins stopped offering Free Parking Spaces? Haskins have never offered free car parking. We have allowed our customers to park on our private land whilst they are shopping on our site only. This has been abused with up to 50 cars being left on our site all day, depriving our genuine customers of those car parking spaces
  • What if I have forgotten to pay for car parking? If you have forgotten to pay, you can make payment up to 48 hours after via mobile or online
  • If I see cameras/payment kiosks installed do I need to pay before 20th January 2020? NO until 20th January we will be testing the equipment and training relevant staff. Customers can try out the payment kiosks by entering your registration number to see how they work but you do not have to pay for parking before Monday 20th January
  • How much will it cost? FREE parking for 90 minutes then £1 per hour in half hourly increments. Monday – Sunday 10.00pm - 8.00am overnight parking £2.00
  • I often visit more than one store and eat whilst on site? What if this takes more than 90 minutes? After the FREE 90 minutes, charges will apply at the rate given above which are the cheapest locally
  • Do you still get 90 minutes free after 10pm? Yes, but once you go over the 90 minutes you will be charged £2 until 8am then £1 per hour in half hourly increments
  • Are you offering annual tickets or day rates? No, this facility is generally offered to drivers who work within a locality. Car parking spaces on our land is primarily for our customers

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located in the heart of shepton mallet

The Haskins Retail Centre is loacated right in the very heart of Shepton Mallet, close to the main A371 road.
The extensive car parking is available from the townsend entrance. Free parking is available for 90 minutes and then offering the cheapest parking options available in town.

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